Highlands @ Mechums River Owners Association
Make-up date for Annual Termite Inspection (Mon, Nov 28, 2011)

Did you miss the inspections on Nov 5th or 12th?

We will have Holistic Pest Solutions return to the neighborhood one more time on Monday, Nov 28th at 8am to capture any remaining homes.

Email Chris (chris.wilcoxelliott@gmail.com) with your name, phone # and address before Thanksgiving to add your home to this list next Monday.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Holistic Pest Solutions Contact information: 434-245-6125 (Cheryl@holisticpestsolutions.com)

Hit the Brakes!

Just a quick reminder that the speed limit in the Highlands is 25MPH.  The Board frequently hears from homeowners about speeding cars.  If you live at the far end of the street, remember to take it slowly all the way to and from route 240…..children are at play, folks and dogs are out walking and some of our streets have some deceptive blind curves. We thank you!

Mowing - Summer 2011
Jefferson Vista is back to do the mowing this year. Their services include:
  • mowing front and side lawns
  • turf weed control
  • bush hogging common areas
  • core aeration and overseeding in the fall
  • turf fertilization in the fall
  • pH adjustment, if needed, using lime
  • leaf collection in the late fall
If you do not want chemicals applied to your lawn, please contact Norma Breakiron at 434.823.5474 and she will inform Jefferson Vista.
Homemowners who wish to hire Jefferson Vista to mow their rear lawns will be charged $12/mow if unfenced or $15/mow if fenced.  Please contact them by email at  jvista2011@aol.com or 434.589.5714 to make arrangements.
Finally, please try to keep your lawn clear of dog mess, twigs, rocks, gravel, toys etc which can make the mowers job unpleasant or even hazardous!
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Got Email?

The Board is attempting to assemble a list of the email addresses for all homeowners. This list will not be used for any commercial purposes or spam, but for official communications from the board and announcements regarding community events, etc.  Please take a moment to Email Us with your email address and permission to use it to contact you.

Dirty Business

It’s summertime and the air is fragrant, especially IF you don’t pick up after your dog!  

Please, dog lovers, remember to scoop after they poop and dispose of your poop bags properly.  Please make this your policy year round so the Highlands can be a clean and fragrantly appealing place to live for all of us. Finally, remember too that dog mess is not “great fertilizer” for the grass: it is “yucky” and can be hazardous for young ones at play!